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Moonj or Sabai grass (Eulaliopsis binata) is a fine natural fibre belonging to the grass family. Sabai grass is usually cultivated in Odisha, West Bengal of India and in some parts of Nepal, China. The cultivation of Sabai grass has brought light into the lives of tribal and poorer people of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.
Mayurbhanj district is known to be land of tribals of Odisha. Among 62 known tribals communities of Odisha 45 are found in Mayurbhanj district alone. Sabai grass in this land is known to be the money plant as it ensures them the income and satisfies their needs.
At Ocal we have a team of Sabai Weavers weaving beautiful Home Décor products along with Baskets etc of all sizes shapes and colors.
Sabai is a rage,it’s the future,its Ecofriendly,Classy & conveys the buyers Eye for Aesthtics.

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